Monday, January 7, 2013

Primitive Quilts and Projects

Hello, Just to let you know that Blogger is not letting me post pictures. I believe they are working on a solution. Lets hope it is soon. I have a new design coming out in the Spring issue of the Primitive Quilt and Project magazine. My followers can use this code when they purchase a subscription and they will get a free pattern: DSMSP13. As soon as I can I will have the Cover posted of the magazine. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. I hope where ever this New Year takes you, you become stronger and live life. Happy 2013! Jan


  1. This is so crazy Jan. I was able to upload fine,although I did have a hard time getting the new banner lined up!It is probably just me. I hope this gets resolved soon! I Love your pictures:)
    see you at bbs:)

  2. I forgot to say how much I JUST LOVE this banner! I think I NEED some of those barrels!:)

  3. Vicky, I did google the problem and there is one. But when will they fix it, is uncetain.The barrel on the right back is my hubby's great grandfathers, they took water to the fields with it. The one on the left is really a 2 sided measure. and the front one is smaller thatn it appears here, and is a barrel. Those kind have a name, but can't remember it. One of the BBS girls told about them one time.