Monday, January 6, 2014

So Wonderful and Unusual

My all time favorite little autograph book (EVER)! This sweet little book, I have had my eye on for many years and it was always laying out in my mother-in-laws house on a pretty little walnut table. So this Christmas she gifted it to me with great pleasure. Saying I was the only one that ever showed interest in it! I can't begin to tell you how much this little book with all the hand signatures means to me. Some of the writings are from several Aunts and Uncles on my husband side. The very first writing image in this book is of George Washington at the age of 12. This book actually belonged to my mother-in-law's mother. The first year date is 1914 and the last year date is 1927. Also the pages in this book are all prefolded and then layed out flat.

Directions, Sorry this is blurry but took several pictures and all were the same.

Arthur Burgoin is my husband's Grandfather and he signed this book for his daughter in1917.

Gladys Burgoin was Grandpa's sister. There were other siblings that signed the book also.

Blue ink was used for a few signatures, this one being a brother to grandpa, Gail Burgoin. Don't we all wish that these kinds of wonderful memories could be used for todays memories. How fun to have your friends and school chums sign  for rememberance.


  1. A very nice compliment to you that your mother-in-law gifted you with this wonderful little book...priceless. Once upon a time, people took great pride in the signing of their names.

  2. What a treasure of a gift.
    This book holds lifetimes within it's pages.